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More choices at the pump

Riverside Sinclair acquires blended fuel pumps

February 13, 2010
By Michael Tidemann - Staff Writer

Estherville residents now have another choice for fuel for their vehicles with fuel blending pumps now available at Riverside Sinclair at 102 Central Ave. in Estherville.

"It gives them an option," Riverside owner Bob Houseman said.

Customers now have their choice of not only unleaded at $2.59.9 and E-85 at $1.99.9, but also E-50 at $2.24.9 and E-30 at $2.34.9. The blending pumps are available at both the full-service and self-service islands.

So why all the choices?

Houseman said some customers report their best fuel mileage seems to come from the E-50 fuel. It's recommended that all three of the higher-alcohol content blends - E-85, E-50 and E-30 - be used only in flex-fuel vehicles designed to use E-85.

With both the environment and state agriculture key concerns, Iowa lawmakers are working on mandating a 10 percent ethanol blend and making normal unleaded no longer available. Lawmakers are also pushing a 5 percent mandate for biodiesel. Houseman said Minnesota is pushing that even further, with a 10 percent biodiesel mandate going in place within the next one to two years. Houseman said that Iowa is down to one soy diesel plant since the state dropped its subsidy for biodiesel.

The Environmental Protection Agency is also mulling approval of E-15 as a product for non-flex-fuel vehicles.



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