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Today National Meth Awareness Day

November 30, 2010
Estherville News

It's a scourge. It's a menace. It's a cancer on society.

It's meth.

Today is National Meth Awareness Day, a day for everyone to take stock on how meth impacts our city, state and nation.

Meth, which is often disguised as a "harmless" drug, is highly addictive and found in virtually every state, and at one time or another, in virtually every community. No one is immune to the damage that meth can cause, and that includes hundreds of thousands of innocent families who, like the meth abuser, are devastated by the drug.

If you don't think meth is dangerous, think again.

Physical effects can include brain damage, kidney and lung disorders, liver damage, psychological damage and death. Meth abusers often turn violent, abusing families and friends.

Police in one California count report that nearly 90 percent of the domestic violence calls are meth-related.

So how do you know if someone is using meth?

Symptoms include irritability, a false sense of power and confidence, aggression, confusion, anxiety and depression. In addition, meth users often become promiscuous and are at increased risk for contracting and spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Unwanted pregnancies may also result, and the physical and emotional damage can be devastating.

There is something you can do, though, to stop the disease of meth in our society.

The first thing is to call the police. Time and time again, hardened meth users upon conviction have said they wished they had come in contact with police sooner before meth totally destroyed their lives. When a meth addict says that, you can start to understand the true damage that meth causes.

Also, support drug education efforts in your local community. Starting with DARE, drug education programs pay for themselves countless times over.

Make yourself aware of your neighborhood. Look around. If you see suspicious activity, report it to the police. No one will get into trouble for being innocent. Only those who are manufacturing or using meth or other drugs will have to answer to the law. It's far better to report such activity and be wrong than to let it go and have a young person die from meth.

You are the key to stopping the spread in our community. Unlike heroin or cocaine, "city drugs", meth is pervasive throughout rural America because it is relatively cheap and easily concealed.

So please, please, help stop meth.

The lives of your friends, children or grandchildren could depend on it.



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