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Thank you, voters

January 4, 2012
Estherville Daily News

A big congratulations to those who voted in Iowa's Caucuses yesterday. You had a big voice in determining the course of the 2012 Presidential race.

Some people said they didn't intend to participate. Their reason? That they were already tired of negative campaigning and so they were going to stay home.

This is somewhat different than voter apathy which is total indifference to all the candidates - something some wag once referred to as voting for the "evil of two lessers".

Unfortunately, a lot of people see not voting as a statement in itself. But it really isn't. If we don't vote, we're sending a message, all right. And that message is that we don't care - that's how the candidates and pollsters and spin doctors see it.

But if we don't vote because we don't like negative campaigning, don't we actually care - about those candidates who run a clean and honest campaign and who address the issues rather than try to sabotage someone else?

If that's the sort of candidate we're seeking, then we should make our opinions known. We should tell the candidates firsthand that negative campaigning is going to result in a "no" vote - a vote for someone else.

Iowa could set the stage nationally if we all took a stand on negative campaigning, if we told candidates we're sick and tired of their lambasting each other, and if they continue to do so, we'll lambast them at the polls.

Instead, let's demand that candidates run a clean and honest campaign that addresses the issues - the needs of Iowas and Americans.

Not some selfish, self-centered ramblings about who cheated whom, who slept with whom, who divorced whom . . .

The next Iowa Caucus is four years from now. That gives us four years to spread the work to our neighbors, our relatives and our friends.

Let's put a stop to negative campaigning in Iowa. And America.




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