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Coins are a pain, paper money better

April 9, 2012
Estherville Daily News

To the EDN:

Certain members of Congress are trying to push a new piece of legislation, S. 2049, which would permanently replace the dollar bill with another dollar coin. Quite frankly, I'm against this proposal because I want the dollar bill to stay right where it is. I own greenhouses and a flower shop, and the last thing my employees or I need to be dealing with is more coins. I'm sure many other business owners feel the same way.

For so many practical reasons, a dollar coin is a pain for any small business. After time has worn them down, dollar coins have about the same size and look of quarters, making them more confusing for consumers and businesses alike. When you are busy and working quickly, you don't have the luxury of examining coins closely to make sure you have the right one. I would much rather not have to accept dollar coins at all.

This proposal is yet another in a series of frustrating ideas to come out of Washington. Any time you hear a piece of legislation being touted as "money saving," you should want to run in the other direction because guaranteed, it will do anything but save taxpayers money.

Given that Congress has so much on its plate, it's a bit ridiculous to be worried about coins vs. paper dollars right now. Instead of wasting their time debating a change from a popular, user friendly currency to one that nobody wants to use, our legislators should get back to the real work that needs to be done.


Mary Ellen Martens

Four Seasons Floral and Greenhouse owner,




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