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Council opposition to confinement just, in county’s best interest

May 11, 2012
Estherville Daily News

The resolution the Estherville City Council passed Monday opposing siting a hog confinement 1.4 miles north of the city was fair and in the best interest of all of Emmet County.

While having a confinement so close to a community may be technically legal, it is in no way in the public interest.

New Fashion Pork's intent to install a $35,000 system to reduce odors from the confinement is beside the point. The "nutrients" (i.e. manure) will be spread around the surrounding property, totally defeating the purpose of trying to reduce odors emitted from the confinement.

While the economic benefits from the confinement would be minimal, the cost to Estherville property owners could be enormous. Some of the highest-valued homes in Estherville are on the north side of the city. Noxious livestock odors could devastate property values. No one wants to live in a neighborhood that smells.

In addition, if Emmet County split the cost of upgrading 140th Street from Level B to Level A, it would cost rural taxpayers over $50,000.

Our future quality of life, property values and ability to attract new residents to the community could very well be hanging in the balance over this issue. We heartily salute the Estherville City Council for its opposition to siting a hog confinement so close to the city.

We also encourage concerned citizens to turn out for a public meeting 7 p.m. next Tuesday at the Regional Wellness Center.



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