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Out of the closet

May 14, 2012
Estherville Daily News

The 2012 Presidential Campaign heated up this past week with President Obama "coming out of the closet" on gay marriage. Whether it helps or hurts his 2012 chances remains to be seen.

Was anybody shocked at his support for same sex unions when voters in 32 states now have said " NO" to this issue? Don't worry, Iowa is still being protected via Senator Gronstal's refusal to let the good citizens of Iowa vote on this issue. ( He may be thinking you and I are too dumb to get it right? ) His concern for you and I does bring me to tears.

Last week I caught the headline in the newspaper at my local Caseys store that the JFK Profiles in Courage Award this year was going to the 3 Iowa judges we booted off the bench a couple of years ago over this same gay marriage issue. If this JFK award came out of Washington, rest assured, we got it wrong here in Iowa when we dropped kicked those 3 judges through the goalpost of life. Apologies may be in order?

Now I hear this morning that Obama picked up a cool $15 million in cash at George Clooney's last night as a result of his "coming out" announcement. (Pardon me, while I wipe away another tear of joy) I must digress at this point to Hollywood and primetime TV. Experts in the field will tell you most Hollywood movies today are aimed at the 14 to 21 year old group. This has been the case for many years. As a result, Hollywood and TV have a major influence on American culture today. Helps explain why opinion polls today are pretty much split 50/50 on the gay marriage issue. It also is no secret that the gay and lesbian population in the Movie and TV industry is much higher than that of the general population. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a movie showing the gay lifestyle in a negative light? When was the last time you saw a movie where critics of the gay lifestyle were shown in a positive light? Hollywood is THE great bastion of political correctness today in the USA. Given their fine record on drug abuse, alcoholism, sexual immorality, etcwhy would we not look up to them to set the moral standard for our country today?

Connecting the dots on gay marriage, Hollywood's $15 million to Obama and the American people's opinion on the subject is an easy task. What is not easy for an old guy like me is making up my mind on this issue. You need to understand my 60's generation was homophobic all the way. The World War 2 generation was also against gay marriage as well and their parents felt the same way. In fact, we may have had it "wrong" for the past 5,000 years or more. Even my Sunday School teacher may have had it wrong?

In conclusion, however, there is an ancient book that gives us the answer. "There is nothing new under the Sun." That Old Book has a lot of good stuff in it. You may want to read it sometime. And this, my friends, is something to think about.

Too old to be fooled,

Larry Loeschen

Estherville, Iowa



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