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Aug. 27-31 National Safe at Home Week

August 27, 2012
Estherville Daily News

Do you feel safe at home? Does your family?

This is a good time to ask - and, if possible, answer that question - since Aug. 27-31 is National Safe at Home Week.

The first question we might have, of course, would be whether our home is safe from break-ins by outsiders. Do we leave our doors unlocked during the day? How about on vacation. Do we have our neighbors watch our place? Do we make arrangements to hold mail and newspapers or have a neighbor pick them up so they don't visibly pile up? Do we have a timer that turns a light on at night when we're gone?

How about when we are home. Is our neighborhood secure? If not, should we lock our doors at night?

And then there's the home itself. Do we have fire alarms in key places, such as the kitchen or bedroom? Do they work? Are the batteries fresh? Do we check them regularly?

And if we have toddlers or infants in the home, do we have all cleaning supplies and chemicals safely stowed away? Have we taken steps to ensure there are no tripping or falling hazards? No sharp objects a toddler could get cut on? No plastic bags that could cause suffocation? Are all our guns put away with the ammo in a separate place from the weapons?

How about pets. Have we taken just as much of a precaution to keep them safe as toddlers? If anything, they can get into even more mischief than a child.

And then there's outdoors. Is our sidewalk safe and in good repair? Is it kept clean from snow and ice in winter?

As you can see, the list could go on and on. The point is, though, that the home can be just as dangerous as the workplace or anywhere else. And it's up to us as homeowners and adults to ensure our home is safe.

So this week - and for that matter, every week - keep your home safe for yourself and your family.

They'll love you for it.



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