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Why I am a Republican

September 18, 2012
Estherville Daily News

To the EDN:

In writing these comments that come from my heart, I had to seriously examine the fundamental reasons why I am a Republican. We are inundated with "party" information on television as well as the Internet, and after these conventions have taken place, I have come to a clarity as to WHY I am a Republican. The basic principles of being a Republican are clear. I found the REPUBLICAN PRINCIPLES on the Internet, and they say it all for me. WE BELIEVE: 1. to protect the rights of individuals; 2. to protect free enterprise system; 3. Reduce government to the lowest practical level; and 4. Endorse and practice fiscal responsibility. Our CREED states that free enterprise is the basic supplier of human needs and economic justice. Our economy today is in dismal shape because our present administration spends money we do NOT have, only to print more to spend more. It is irresponsibility at its best. We believe in budgetary restraints, to pay for what is needed for the betterment of our country, period. We also believe in HONORING THE CONSTITUTION, plain and simple! And finally, Republicans believe in a fundamental FAITH IN GOD endorsed by our founding fathers. It is essential to the moral fiber of our nation.

Our candidate, Mitt Romney, has all these beliefs planted firmly in his heart. He is a man of God with a willingness and desire to make our broken nation a strong one again, one respected by all countries of the world. He is the man to show true leadership in crisis and he can heal this country.

Please vote for Mitt Romney in November. You will be better off for it.


Karen Butler, Estherville



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