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Obama and 9/11

September 21, 2012
Estherville Daily News

Dear Editor,

I am so glad I went to "2016 the Movie." I have been wondering if others were as surprised as I that our country wasn't better prepared against the attacks on 9/11 of the American embassies in Muslim countries. Other years, the alert had always been raised.

President Obama seems more concerned about his schedule for reelection. During the increased attacks against 20 more embassies, he left the white House rather than stay there to deal with them. Soon the administration stated that the reason for the attacks was a little-known film put out on the Internet since June (?).

There has since been statements from overseas that we had been warned about the possibility of retaliation for Osama's death-possibly on 9/11

Our government has arrested the filmmaker and has published the warrant by Islamist countries calling for the deportation of the Coptic Christians believe responsible. Of course it would mean immediate "death" for them.

Our country has always been a safe haven in the past when individuals were persecuted for religious belief, or political problems. Why would our government seemingly be willing to return these people to be put to death?

Could it be that President Obama is very supportive of the Islam Religion and is willing to sacrifice Christians?

Dr. Richard Bose




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