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We are Americans

October 1, 2012
Estherville Daily News

To the EDN:

Hospitals are nonprofit; the money they make goes back into newer equipment, research etc. Do you have any idea what a piece of medical equipment costs? They pay for the equipment it takes to do the numerous tests, education it takes to have all the caregivers, and knowledge we need to keep our hospitals and medical facilities open and paying for themselves. The need the new equipment to keep up with our wonderful research and progress in medicine the United States is known for. In case you haven't noticed people come from all over the world to be treated in the USA. How would you pay for all of this? What does our Holy Family Health Foundation do? Raise money to buy equipment and supplies for our hospital. Senator Chuck Grassley is a big supporter of the give back in kind charity care that hospitals do; they must pay back profits if there are any, to charity. Nursing homes under their umbrella's that are in the red for example, all the free care people get when they come to the hospital. Ask some of the hospital administration they will tell you much is given back to charity.

How do doctors pay off their massive student loans without profit? How do doctor's pay for their enormous malpractice insurance that this government chooses not to address? Do you want to be the one holding a person's heart in your hands? Do you want to be the one telling a young mother her child will not live past childbirth? Do you want to be in school for 8-12 years and work internships that go around the clock? Do you want to work 12 hours under extreme pressure with a 30 minute break like so many of our nurses do? Do you want them to do this for free? They are administering all your meds, along with most of your critical care. Do you really think with the Medicare cuts coming down the road the millions of new patients being added there will be enough medical people to care for us? You are a fool if you think you can find a good doctor by the time this mess called Obamacare is done. The fix Obama has for Medicare for the baby boomers is extermination. When you can't get the treatment you die. Let us not forget we paid into the system and government robbed it!

Are our kids less important than our health? In your world it should also be a shame to make money off children's education, and let's not forget some of the great retirement packages there. Profit off kids? Where did all those benefits come from, states that can no longer afford these packages?

We cannot continue to allow the Federal Reserve to print more money which is causing increasing prices across the board. Have you been to the grocery store lately? Our dollar is becoming worthless. This is the silent killer of wealth and savings.

We believe in alternative energy and wiser use of existing energy sources. We should minimize the amount of energy we use. The cleanest coal fired power plant anywhere else in the world is dirtier than our dirtiest coal fire plant. Is it ok to dirty up their planet for our sake? Is there any country as environmentally conscious as the USA is? China had to shut down major portions of their industry because of air pollution during the Olympics in China. Would you rather get your oil from here or from unreliable sources in the Middle East? You know how much they love us. Should we be producing American jobs instead of shipping jobs overseas? Do you and all your democrat friends drive an electric car? Should we be producing these jobs in an environment that supports clean environment? You condone other countries polluting our world for our benefit. Are there not human beings over there too?

We want our grandchildren to live in a clean world too, unless there is cooperation of all the people government alone cannot do it. We do not want to saddle our grandchildren with the enormous debt we keep accumulating. Our standard of living is dropping will they have the money to buy a clean glass of water?

We also believe in equality for everyone.

The last we knew the Department of Defense is controlled by the federal government. How many nuclear war heads does China have aimed at us? How many people worldwide have died at the hands of Al-Qaeda and terrorist extremist? Are you saying it is not worth protecting ourselves from these people?

We are Catholics. We are opposed to the government taking our tax money for abortion, which my faith considers killing. When you say the government should be neutral on religion are you advocating or in favor of Sharia law by the Muslims? Why is it also that Muslims and Amish among others are exempt from paying Obamacare premiums but are entitled to FREE healthcare? Is this government neutral? By advocating the government paying for abortions you are forcing my tax dollars to pay for something I will not do on religious grounds. What is neutral about this?

When you mention the poor our question is do we give them the fish or teach them to fish?

This country was founded on freedom and individualism and the greatness of this country is the result. This individualism lets us create our industry that pays so much to the government. People innovate and create our jobs, and growth. This is what this great country was founded on and provided for in our Constitution. Read the history of this Nation. God Bless America for being the great country we are, let us not follow in the footsteps of Europe.

Dean and Betty Fernholz, Estherville



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