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Stop the blame game

October 29, 2012
Estherville Daily News

To the EDN:

Am I the only one who is sick and tired of hearing the blame game, day in and day out by Obama and the Democrats? Al we hear is Bush did this, and Bush id that Bush, Bush Bush ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I can't sit back and be silent any more. I have never heard a Republican president blame his predecessor for he problems that they "inherited." It's called personal responsibility. Obama and Democrats need to take personal responsibility for everything that has happened on their watch and not complain about what they inherited."

Obama worked with a stacked House and Senate his first two years. What did he do? He passed a healthcare bill that will cost American taxpayers billions. He "Bailed out" businesses that went bankrupt anyway (ie: Solindra). He passed a "Stimulus" that hasn't worked and the cost of that will be felt for generations. He event let his Secretary of State take the blame for the tragedy in Libya.

Obama needs to put his big boy pants on and take responsibility for the last 4 years and stop blaming everyone else for his failed policies and disaster of a Presidency.

This is why I am voting for Mitt Romney. He knows how to take something that is failing and turn it into a success, and do it without blaming those who ran it before. Please join me in supporting Mitt Romney for President and lets get a real COMMNADER-IN-CHIEF in the White House.


Kim Hageman




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