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Would the fiscal cliff be that bad?

December 3, 2012
Estherville Daily News

For some months now, we've heard the phrase "fiscal cliff" from both political parties.

Could it all possibly be just smoke and mirrors?

Just think about it.

If you've ever seen the classic movie, "Rebel Without a Cause", James Dean drag races another driver. We won't tell you how the race ends up, since it's one of the climactic parts of the movie (except for what happens to Sal Mineo, of course). We'll just let you watch the movie yourself.

Well anyway, is it just possible that both parties might be rebels without a clue?

There they are, daring each other to push the other over the cliff. Oops, slip, whoooeee! Off the fiscal cliff they go, both parties still hating each other, but falling to their death on the rocks below.

Has anyone thought that might actually be a good thing?

After all, Congress arranged this game of chicken. Why not tie both parties in their jalopies and put a brick on the gas and let them go driving right over the edge. So what's the worst thing that could happen?

Across-the-board spending cuts.

For crying out loud, isn't that what just about everyone has wanted for a long time? Cutting equally, across the board, with no favoritism. Slashing, cutting all that wasteful spending.

If the Republicans and Democrats want to play chicken, then let them. But first, let's slash the brake lines and make sure we put an extra-heavy brick on the accelerator. And then let's stand back and clap as BOTH parties go over the proverbial fiscal cliff.

Then all us taxpayers can have a good laugh and go home with more of our paychecks.

We might even have enough left over to buy some popcorn for the next movie.



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