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Women’s Self Empowerment Week

January 2, 2013
Estherville Daily News

Jan. 3-7 is Women's Self Empowerment Week, a time to raise awareness and fight for equality for women now just in America but around the world.

Oh, isn't that something that already happened in the '70s? some may ask.

Absolutely not.

Women today earn a median income of $36,931 yearly. That compares with $47,715 for men, or 77 percent as much for women.

Part of the "argument" for women earning less than men is that women naturally gravitate toward careers that pay less. However, there remains about a 1 percent disparity between women and men in "traditional" women's careers such as elementary teaching or human resources administration.

In traditionally male-dominated careers, such as software developer and construction project manager, there remains a 4 percent disparity - again, in favor of men.

And if you go abroad, it's even worse.

In China, women on average earn just 63.5 percent of the median men's salaries.

It doesn't just end in salaries, though.

A few months ago, a 14-year girl was beaten severely for speaking out in Pakistan. And even more recently, a 23-year-old woman was raped and murdered by a group of women in India.

Our state department needs to act on these senseless acts of violence against women and act to boycott tourism and trade in areas where these events occur. In Pakistan, which is openly hostile toward women, a nationwide boycott would be in order.

Unless the U.S. takes leadership on not just a national but on a global level, these events will not only continue to occur but will worsen.

And it has to happen now. To continue to sit and do nothing is only condoning these crimes against women.



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