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Hansen, Condon with Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen

January 16, 2013
By Michael Tidemann - Staff Writer , Estherville Daily News

Evan Hansen was recognized as winner of the Voice of Democracy essay contest Wednesday night at the VFW Post 3388 Trophy Room with Mattie Condon recognized as winner of the Patriot's Pen essay contest. both received $75 for first place, and Hansen went on to district competition.

Placing second in the Voice of Democracy was Allie Sievert, who received $50 for her essay. Joseph Sexe placed second in the Patriot's Pen to win $50 with Treyton Jacobson receiving third place and $25.

The essay contest is sponsored by VFW Post 3388 and its auxiliary. Presenting the awards was Judy Johnson, VFW Auxiliary president.

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Evan Hansen won first place and $75 in the Voice of Democracy essay contest sponsored by the VFW Post 3388 and its auxiliary. Hansen went on to district competition. Joseph Sexe received second in the Patriot’s Pen and Mattie Condon received first place.

Steve McCauley is the teacher of the Voice of Democracy entrants and Stephanie Wheatley is teacher for the Patriot's Pen entries. Johnson said there were 22 students competing in the Patriot's Pen essay contest with seven participating in the Voice of Democracy. Bob Fine is Post 3388 commander.

Hansen, Condon and Sexe were on hand to read their essays Wednesday night. Following are the texts of the first-place essays in both contests.

Evan Hansen

Is our Constitution Still Relevant?

First place, Voice of Democracy

When the framers developed the Constitution in 1787, they were working to make our country the best that it could be. Since the Constitution was written there have only been 27 amendments or changes, showing us that the piece of work made to guide our country was well thought out and planned. More than 200 years later we still look to the Constitution constantly in order to follow regulations and guidelines. When the 41 delegates gathered to sign the Constitution, their goal was to have the document a parameter for us to follow to this date. Throughout the years our government has stayed loyal to the Constitution, making us the country we are today.

We the people know our rights are protected by the Constitution; therefore we can live efficient lives. From the 13th amendment abolishing slavery in 1865, to the 18th amendment dealing with prohibition, every change to our country's guidelines has been in the best interest of our people. Seemingly every day the topic of bearing arms, our 2nd amendment, comes up as many citizens have mixed feelings about the right to own a firearm. Many fear this amendment disrupts everyday life as everyone has the right to own a gun potentially creating danger. The amendment clearly states every citizen, so as you're going about your everyday life anyone you seem could possess a weapon. The United States' people view this as a hot topic, and this amendment will always be a subject of discussion.

The 22nd amendment is another case in which it proves our Constitution is still relevant. When this amendment was passed in 1947, only one president had been elected more than two terms; Franklin D. Roosevelt was the individual. I'm sure many presidents would've run for a 3rd term if it wasn't for this change to our Constitution. This opportunity was never an option though, showing that our Constitution shows its relevancy to this century.

As more and more issues come up that our government has to deal with, every citizen knows the Constitution will be regarded for all conflicts that arise. One thing about the well thought out document we follow is that it was created for the good of the people. 213 years later, I think the Constitution is used just as much as when it was first developed, showing that it is still relevant.

Mattie Condon

First place, Patriots Pen

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were government leaders who helped in the American Revolution. They signed the United States Declaration of Independence, taking part in Revolutionary war, and making the US Constitution. These men are who were present at the birth of our nation. Our nation would not be what it is today if not for the founding fathers.

Our Founding Fathers would be happy to know that as a country the USA has accomplished a lot since they started it. There are now 50 states instead of 13. The population has grown to almost 300 million people. People live longer today because medicine is better. We have been through several wars, but won most of them. The freedom started by our Founding Fathers continues even though there have been tragedies. The USA has great education and jobs that help us stick together as a world leading economy.

In the 1860's the United States banned slavery and over the next 100 years equal rights were given to all people. Today, women are now allowed to vote and segregation has been abolished. New laws also include preventing pollution and making the country healthier and cleaner.

Since the Founding Fathers, we have had many inventions and new technology. We not only used trains, planes and automobiles to get us from place to place, but also to get goods here and there. Ships help us with transporting goods too. Better transportation and better technology make the United States the world leader in agriculture. The United States produces more grain and wheat than any other country. With more food and a better quality, the people of the United States don't have to worry, like other countries, about food and shelter. Therefore, Americans can worry more about the way they live and not day to day necessities.

The Founding Fathers would be very proud of what they created and how successful this country has become. The people of the United States should be thankful that the Founding Fathers and their ideas of freedom and Democracy made the United States what it is today. All citizens should use President's Day to say thanks for what we have in our nation.



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