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Animal lovers: Educate the public

January 25, 2013
Estherville Daily News

Dear Editor,

We have been reading with great interest the articles in regard to the plans put before the City Council for an animal shelter. Since the organization of the Emmet County Animal Shelter in 2010, we have participated in fund raising events and other activities promoted by the organization.

Our involvement has been behind the scenes but long before the ECAS was organized, we have been advocates for rescuing cats and dogs. Our first concern was always seeking the advice of our Veterinarian for evaluation. The next procedure is to be sure the animal is spayed/neutered and has the required vaccinations. Yes, this does involve a special line item in our personal budget but when we review the number of animals we have found homes for, it is a reward that is only appreciated by those who have that unique care, concern, and love for those animals.

The disappointing and sad part of participating in this type of rescue work is for every animal's life you are saving, there is most likely someone down the street that has no time for these strays. They just continue to let them run and multiply in births. Those persons should be willing to help their neighborhood by spay and neutering. If everyone would work together on this issue instead of ignoring it and yet complain, we would have fewer strays. It is so easy to complain but so difficult to be of help.

Think how you as an individual could become active in preventing cruelty and suffering to animals, and help create a humane world for them through promoting respect and compassion with your support.

We would not be exaggerating if we said that we have rescued over 300 cats and have driven as far as Sioux City to find a shelter that had room to take them. While we were in Sioux City we paid the shelter the adoption fee for taking them in, we ate at a restaurant near the shelter, and bought gas before we returned home.

True we have had some sad experiences and those are tough to deal with. You never forget those times but have to overcome those anxieties with the positive rescues.

When we were married fifty years ago we both immediately recognized the love we had for animals. One of our challenging purposes in life has been to rescue and find shelter for homeless and neglected animals.

The proposed animal shelter would work toward the solution of over population of animals, support the improvement of anti-cruelty and animal control laws, promote foster and adoption programs, and accommodate a proper care and placement of animals.

YOU CAN BE THE SOLUTION! Help educate the public on the humane treatment of animals by reinforcing the need to approve the rezoning of 201 South 6th St. for an animal shelter that our City and County will be proud to have on the map. We hope the City Council will reconsider the need for this facility and the quality of life to these stray animals and at the same time will improve a building that needs upgrading.

In closing we love this quote by George Eliot, "Animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms."


Carolyn and John Walz,




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