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Emmet County Animal Shelter

January 28, 2013
Estherville Daily News

To the Editor:

I was really sad to learn this week that the City Council turned down the request to rezone the building on South 6th Street for the Emmet County Animal Shelter. I am not about to start pointing fingers or blaming others for their concerns. Having served over the years on numerous board and commissions I know how hard it can be to always make the right decisions. I am not one to usually voice my objections but I feel that I must do so at this time and with this issue.

Not only have we missed the opportunity to take a broken down and forgotten old building and make it look better but we are telling the other business people who were looking at locating at this site that we don't want or need them in Estherville. We cannot afford to have this attitude and expect our city to grow.

Here in southwest Florida where I now spend most of my winters there are several animal shelters and animal hospitals and most of these facilities have outdoor runs for animals. I have visited many of these places in case I would need to take one of my cats here. I always ask the owners if they ever have problems with noise or smell issues as these places are usually next to residential neighborhoods. The answer I always get is, of course we do but it is very rare. Why? Because they are run by people who care about animals and want a clean home for them.

Kristi Henning keeps her facility as clean, quiet and odor free as most people's homes. I have had the opportunity to visit this facility many times before I adopted my two cats from her in May of 2012. The place where the cats were was about the size of a three-car garage and there were always several dozen cats there. The place was SPOTLESS and NEVER smelled of urine or feces. The dogs were kept in areas equally as clean and with very little noise issue. This takes a lot of hard work and dedication and Kristi has that and she should be sincerely thanked for her efforts.

I think the public needs to become more informed and aware of this issue by seeing what Kristi has planned for this building. The City Council needs to revisit this issue in the spring and pass this resolution.

I am an avid supporter of this shelter and for animals in general and I would love to be able to donate some money to improve this part of Estherville and to attract more business and revenue into our city. We surely need this to happen for the benefit of everyone.

Thank you for listening to my opinion!

Greg J Currell,




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