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Not fit for man or beast

February 7, 2013
Estherville Daily News

To the Editor:

Many letters have been submitted to this newspaper in defense of locating the Emmet County Animal Shelter at the 6th Street Emporium property. But somehow, in our zeal to force our agenda, we have missed the obvious. It would be inhumane to have animals sheltered at the above-mentioned location.

The first reason is fairly obvious as railroad tracks border the entire southwest side of the property. If memory serves me correctly, it is exactly at this location that the ear piercing train whistle blows to warn traffic on Highway 9 of an intended crossing. In addition to the whistle, there is the deep rumble, and high-pitched screeching of metal upon metal as the train wheels ride the rails.

Not as obvious, but probably even more harmful, is the infrasound that is produced by the trains. Infrasound is sound that is below our ability to hear. It comes in the form of pressure waves that hug the ground as they flow over the land. It is infrasound that warns animals of an impending avalanche or tornado. It puts the animals in a panic so that they flee the area. It is God's early warning system.

To make matters worse, wind turbines also put off infrasound. While the wind turbine may seem to be a great distance from the Proposed shelter location, it is actually only 1.5 miles as the crow flies, and infrasound is able to travel great distances.

While infrasound, in and of itself, can be very harmful, it is the intersection of waves produced from two different sources that seem to be particularly bothersome to my animal.

If a semi passes to the south, while a train approaches from the north, my poor dog yelps and begins to scratch vigorously.

While the trucks on the highway are very close by, the train tracks are several blocks away and yet the infrasound seems to have no problem making the distance as it travels through other houses and vegetation before gaining entry to my house.

There is one other item of consideration, and that is the three cell phone towers that are located less than 1/4 mile from the 6th Street Emporium property. While many sources still say these towers are harmless, the numbers are increasing that say they are responsible (at least partially) for electromagnetic radiation poisoning.

There must be a property somewhere they would be better suited for these poor abused and neglected animals that are in need of shelter. God knows, and I will be calling upon Him to bring forth the right property.

In His Love

Laura L. Haney,




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